Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is the first professional degree aimed at producing the undergraduates for the job market as Software Engineers, IT Administrators, entrepreneur, academia professionals and the like. This program is tailored to introduce, prepare, develop and ingrain the understanding and discipline of computing in students. We offer market oriented courses, as indicated in the program course description, to achieve the objective of producing highly talented computer professionals. Our program inculcates in the students the problem-solving abilities for the industry and government sectors. It enables students to analyse the real life problems and transform them into a suitable abstract model, design an optimal algorithm and successfully implement them on the computer.


  • Intermediate with Mathematics & Physics.
  • Intermediate with Mathematics & Computer Science.
  • Intermediate with Mathematics & Statistics.
  • F.Sc Pre-Medical with additional Math.
  • At least 60% marks in DAE in a relevant discipline.


The typical jobs for the BS Computer Science graduates include software engineering, database designers and administration, web development, quality assurance and testers, IT consultants and computer professionals in various government or private organizations. The primary objective of the BS Computer Science program is to produce well-rounded graduates who have

  • a strong foundation in theoretical concepts in computing.
  • the ability to apply these concepts to provide computer based solutions for problems involving intricate algorithms.
  • the skills to design and implement complex software using multiple programming technologies under different operating systems and backend technologies.
  • strong academic preparation to pursue careers in local and international IT industry.
  • been prepared for the rigor of graduate studies in computing.
  • can communicate effectively.
  • been enabled for continuing education through formal or informal methods